Better Results for Fundraising

Your Fundraising Partner

Are your acquisition response rates dropping as you struggle to find new prospects? Do you have lots of data but no insights? Is donor fatigue and lack of engagement setting in? Are mismatched messaging and strategies between direct mail, telemarketing, and online channels hurting your brand?

We can help. 

Nexus Direct is passionate about partnering with mission-driven organizations in the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe to grow their donor base, raise funds, and help support services and advocacy to those in need.

Our team has developed an award-winning recipe to create fully integrated programs that sustain a high level of donor engagement because we have our data analysis, creative, digital, and production teams all under one roof. And since we strongly believe that human behavior is key to a successful campaign, we use the NexieBase — our proprietary, licensed, in-house database that hosts over 205 million individual records with over 215 demographic and psychographic data points — to benchmark your file against this massive database and extract trends and models to maximize opportunities for your organization to excel.

By communicating the passion of your organization to prospects and donors through direct response marketing, we're able to create and cultivate deep relationships between your mission and your supporters, leading to greater lifetime value from your donor base.

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