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Seamless Digital Integration

Today’s customer or donor expects a seamless experience across offline and online marketing touch points. At Nexus Direct, our digital team develops fully integrated social and digital programs that engage both prospects as well as current customers and donors with your mission, product, or service — moving them along their customer journey toward your goals.

Digital Solutions

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Web Development
  • SEO / SEM
  • Virtual Reality
  • The Next Big Thing ...

Email Marketing

Email marketing has one of the highest ROIs in the digital world, so we develop programs that maximize this channel — everything from removing friction in the signup process, to ensuring that every communication provides value, to increasing deliverability. Because we code, test, and deploy our clients’ email campaigns in house, we have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to real-time data and are able to develop and deploy an email campaign within hours if necessary to seize an opportunity.

Social Media

Our social strategy starts with using data to better understand your audience — both your customers or donors and their influencers. Using Google Analytics and other research, we construct a profile of your typical customer and then identify the social networks most relevant to them. We build programs to shape the conversation across social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and others, and then use automation tools including Hootsuite, HubSpot, and SproutSocial to manage our clients’ social dashboards.

Web Development

From a landing page or microsite to a full website or piece of custom software, our in-house developers work side by side with designers and strategists to turn HTML code into client results. With deep experience in HTML and CSS, our team develops and deploys solutions that work across the full range of desktop and mobile platforms, and integrate with client’s in-house or proprietary platforms.  


Maximizing your digital presence as a fundraising and lead generation tool requires two things — great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and skillful Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Winning at SEO requires a content strategy that will drive your domain further up the ranks of Google’s results page. That in turn produces increased website traffic, increased website visitor trust, and higher conversion rates. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, Google Adwords, and Adwords Remarketing are all crucial SEM tactics that we deploy for our clients. Our digital team is certified for Google AdWords and Google Analytics and manage these programs for our clients on a daily basis.  Additionally, we have managed Google Ad Grants for numerous nonprofit clients.

From tracking emerging best practices to incorporating new functionality, our digital team helps ensure our clients win at SEO and SEM.  

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly accessible to consumers and increasingly affordable for marketers and fundraisers. Our digital team knows how to develop immersive branded VR experiences that give customers the look and feel of your newest product and give donors a profound emotional connection to your mission. 

The Next Big Thing …

With the newest social platform, the newest technology, the newest device just around the corner, you need a partner who can see around corners. Our digital team does that, helping clients identify where their audience is going next so that we can be there to meet them. 

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