Strategic Campaign Planning and Execution

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.”

For every client and for every campaign, we start with a blank piece of paper. Recycling is great for the environment, but not for direct marketing. 

The first thing that goes on the blank piece of paper are your objectives — in detail. Then we dive into the data to understand your customer or donor, and to chart their journey. We’ll brainstorm with you on strategy, relying on best practices and industry standards, but always stretching to push the envelope and take (calculated) risks. From there, we develop an omni-channel marketing plan that surrounds your audience with the right messages at the right time through the right channels. 

All throughout, we test, refine, test again.  

Because no matter how good results are, we always want them to be better.  

Strategic Campaign Solutions

  • Customer / Donor Journey
  • Omni-Channel Approach
  • Continuous Testing
  • Niche Campaigns

Customer / Donor Journey

By conducting a thorough data audit and examination of your program, matched against demographic and psychographic data from our proprietary NexieBase of over 205 million individual records, we are able to chart the customer or donor journey from prospect, through acquisition, retention, and upgrade. By mapping every touchpoint in every channel, and then using the data on response patterns, we’re able to develop a truly customer-centric or donor-centric strategic communications plan unique to each client and customized for their audience. We take the journey with your customer so that we know when and how to move them forward toward your objectives. 


Fifty years of marketing research proves that customers or donors respond best when they are receiving consistent messages from all of a client’s communications channels. Whether its direct mail, telemarketing, web, email, or social, we develop integrated omni-channel communication plans that surround your audience with consistent messaging, regardless of the channel they choose.


Every well-designed test yields actionable data that can improve results. That’s why we believe testing is a fundamental part of every program, whether it’s a new program or a mature one. We build in a regular testing regimen to every strategic communications plan because a culture of continual improvement is fundamental to our company and produces the best results for our clients.     

Niche Campaigns

For some clients, we develop full-blown comprehensive annual programs. For other clients we are asked to develop specialized niche campaigns, or one-time, stand-alone campaigns. But for every client and every project we follow the same process — starting with objectives, drawing on data and best practices, and then pushing ourselves to always do better. 

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